Tirian Klein, MA, LMFT

Depression | Trauma, PTSD, Attachment | Gambling Addiction



Tirian Klien has worked for over eight years with children and families. During that time she has witnessed the struggle for connection that individuals face, as well as the human capacity for positive change and growth.  Tirian is also certified in treating those struggling with problem gambling.

Tirian often reminds her clients, "Remember that your voice has: Power, meaning and purpose. To always speak your truth...For this is how we begin to see: Who we are. Where we are going. And what it means to live with ourselves."

Often it is not what we say that others remember but how we make them feel in the moments they are with us. This feeling is rooted in the process of engagement, of being heard by another, being validated and encouraged to build new pathways, connections and relationships. I am honored to be a part of this process with my clients.
— Tirian