Success Stories

The following are real stories from current and former Roubicek & Thacker clients. They were generous enough to share their stories of addiction and pain, and their ongoing recovery, so that others may find the peace and happiness that counseling can provide.

LifeSTAR: Pornography & Sexual Addiction

Since joining LifeStar my life is very different. I have hope in a once hopeless place. I am finding ways to connect with myself, my wife, and my God that fundamentally change how I interact with my world. Without LifeStar my marriage would be over and I would still be lost in my addiction. Instead my marriage is healing and I have found sobriety. I believe that with this program I will find true recovery.
— Male Addict in Recovery, LifeSTAR
I once was lost but now am found”. John Newton’s sweet words from Amazing Grace perfectly describe how I feel having been through the LifeSTAR program. When I entered LifeSTAR I felt like there was little to no help for me. I thought that I was a disgusting human being, having struggled with my addiction to pornography for the last 17 years of my 31 year life. I was extremely down on myself. I had tried just about everything, desperate for a cure. I didn’t know where to turn. I was literally on the brink of losing everything, my wife and family, my job. My addiction had consumed my life leading to erratic behavior. This was not who I wanted to be, but it was who pornography and addiction made me to be. I had lost control. Until a friend referred me to Roubicek and Thacker Counseling where I first learned of the LifeSTAR program. Although starting a new program and sharing my trials with new people was scary at first, the fear was not as great as the relief and strength I gained each week. Most of all, I started to see a glimmer of hope. As with any addiction recovery, my path has not been without temptation and struggles. But the tools that LifeSTAR has provided to me have been invaluable. Literally, LifeSTAR saved my life. Today I am proud to say that I am 2 years 122 days pornography free! I am forever grateful to the people at Central Valley LifeSTAR for caring about me and showing me that I do have worth and value, despite my struggles and imperfection. Words cannot express my gratitude enough. My hope is that the LifeSTAR message can get out to all those in need. Thank you LifeSTAR!!
— Addict in Recovery, LifeSTAR
The first week I attended LifeSTAR I knew it would be a program that would change my life, with or without my partner. Just knowing I was not alone in how I felt and that other partners were going through the same things as me was amazing. The connection I made in those first weeks with another partner has tremendously made a difference in my recovery from the trauma I have felt because of my spouse’s addiction. I cannot imagine trying to do this without LifeSTAR’s program and support! I highly recommend that all partners participate in their addict’s recovery and come to the program with them. It is life changing.
— Partner in Recovery, LifeSTAR
Lifestar has opened my eyes to the need for making healthy, genuine connections with others. I’ve been taught how to truly be mindful and face my fear of recovery, in order for me to start the healing process. This program offers me an array of vital tools and resources to ensure and sustain a long-lasting recovery.
— Female Addict in Recovery, LifeSTAR
Living with an addict can be very isolating. Who can you tell? What will your family and friends think? You fear no one will understand your pain and despair or will wonder why you stay in the relationship. LifeSTAR for partners is truly a lifeline for me. I found people who understand what I am going through and are there to support me every day. I have learned to forgive not only my spouse but also myself. LifeStar provides me with tools for facing the road ahead and for the first time in so long, I have hope. With the help of this program I heal a little more each day and my spouse and I have found a closeness we never knew existed.
— Partner in Recovery, LifeSTAR
Going through LifeStar has been one of the most difficult events I have experienced but at the same time one of the greatest blessings in my life. LifeStar was like a powerful shining light that penetrated through my darkness revealing the depths of my brokenness and the healing that needed to be amended.

LifeStar was and forever will be a priceless stepping stone into my undergoing transformation of my soul, my mind, and body. Going into LifeStar I felt like a worm. Coming out of LifeStar, I felt like a butterfly. Working with such amazing people and with such endurance through the overly insane chaos that was in me, I grew wings and I was no longer defined by the chains of my past, present, and future. I can now fly and experience the freedom that only comes with surrendering to something higher than the external and internal world and transcending into a place where love, peace, and wholeness reign.

Thanks in great part to LifeStar, I am closer to my real identity and where I belong. I came into this world feeling and living the hatred, rejection, shame, and abandonment of those around me. I will go out of this world feeling victorious, accomplished, and fulfilled. I can now attempt to better fulfill the greatest commandment of them all – to love God and to love others as yourself with all your strength, with all your mind, and with all your soul. I do have to admit that sometimes I go back to living like a worm. But it is in the unending and constant growth of my wings that I will be able to venture through the storms and uncertainties that lie ahead.
— LifeSTAR Participant
Dealing with a partner who has a sexual addiction is not easy. LifeSTAR has given me a better understanding of what sexual addiction is and how to deal with what is at hand. One of the most important strategies I learned was to be aware of my feelings. I know it may sound cliché, but knowing and understanding what I feel helped me to know those feeling are valid. I now can move forward with upcoming challenges.
— Partner of an Addict, LifeSTAR

Lifestyle Transformation: Food Addiction

I am a compulsive eater and sugar addict. Two years ago I would have never admitted to these behaviors. I have struggled most of my life with body image and weight. When I started the transformation program I didn’t have any idea what I would learn and the impact it would have on my life. The weekly lessons and homework assignments help you discover and work on the hidden issues that are causing you to use food to deal with your emotions. It teaches you tools to break these habits and behaviors. The group therapy gives you the support that keeps you coming back week after week and motivates you to keep going.

I would highly recommend this therapy program for anyone who struggles with weight and body image. I haven’t reached my goal weight yet, but I have not gained back any of the 50 lbs that I have lost in the last two years. This is a first for me because I would lose one year and gain it back the following year. I no longer feel out of control when it comes to food. I have given up sugar which was impossible for me to do two years ago. I have learned what triggers me to eat and that I can’t allow myself to eat sugar. I can tell you that I have not had a food or candy binge in over two years. I now exercise 5-6 times a week, drink a gallon of water a day, and am on the healthiest food plan that I have ever eaten in my whole life.
— Lifestyle Transformation Graduate
The food addiction program of Lifestyle Transformation helped me learn to stop binge eating and overeating. I have been able to meet and maintain my goal weight. I learned what triggers my desire to overeat and how to manage those triggers. I realized a lifestyle change is necessary to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Dieting doesn’t work. A permanent change in eating habits, activities, and attitude is necessary to overcome overeating caused by emotions, stress, anger, boredom, depression, or sheer habit. Recovery is a daily endeavor. The Lifestyle Transformation Program helped me learn to deal with emotional issues, uncover hidden anger, and the importance of connecting with others. I learned to stop keeping secrets and to face my pain instead of using food to numb my feelings and my life.

I now live a purposeful life instead of just reacting to life’s problems. I follow a healthy food plan. I am honest about what I eat, what I don’t eat, and why. I stay active. I relieve stress through mediation and purposeful activity. I express my needs to others and take steps to see that my needs are met. I regularly read uplifting materials and attend to my spiritual needs. I am grateful I found Lifestyle Transformation, committed to completing the program, and made changes that have greatly improved my life. It was hard work but well worth the effort. I feel good about myself, I enjoy life, and I am fit and healthy. I continue to work on connecting with others in a meaningful way. Completing the program has helped me to live a healthier and happier life.
— Lifestyle Transformation Graduate

Men's Retreat

The retreat I attended through Roubicek and Thacker Counseling was a valuable experience. It was a much needed break away from the hustle of every day life. Beautiful Shaver Lake served as the perfect setting for this experience. The connection with other guys who are equally invested in making themselves better is invaluable. Group discussions are intense and deep, providing insight that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. Mike and Stacey are warm, comforting, and always seem to know what to say. I will definitely be attending again soon.
— Participant, Clovis, CA
Never having been to group therapy or a retreat before, I didn’t know what to expect. I was very pleased on how the group retreat unfolded. Stacey and Mike provided a great environment for communication and trust. Their selection of the others for the group was very inspired, and though we were from varied backgrounds and experiences, we came together well, and have been a strength to each other even after the retreat. Because of the focused nature of the retreat (somewhat isolated, and minimal external distractions), I felt that so much work could be accomplished in a short amount of time.
— Participant, Clovis, CA
I have been attending the men’s therapy retreat with Mike Roubicek and Stacy Thacker for 4 years. I have to admit that the first year was scary but one of the most rewarding times of my life. Returning on subsequent years I have developed and strengthened friendships with new and returning participants. The information gleaned and bonds of friendship last well throughout the year.
— Participant, Merced County
Attending the men’s retreat was amazing! It was the perfect mix of relaxation and therapy within an atmosphere of love, support, and understanding. I learned more, and grew faster, than I could have in any other way. It was truly life-changing!!! I can never say ‘Thank You’ enough.
— Participant, Fresno

Women's Retreat

Retreat work is a treasure that I will always carry in my heart. It’s a time to work, relax, play and connect with myself and others. I found deeper meaning and greater motivation than I could get any other way than through the intensity of a therapy retreat.
— Participant, Merced County