LifeSTAR of the Central Valley is an outpatient treatment program designed to assist individuals, and their partners, in healing from the effects of sexual addiction.

Our program is led by trained therapists who are skilled, knowledgeable and caring. We understand the origins of sexual addiction and what makes it so hard to overcome. We also understand the emotional trauma that often occurs for those in a relationship with someone struggling with sexually compulsive behavior. We know what it takes to make this process of change a successful journey and we have helped many through that amazing, healing process. 

Our 3-Phase program includes classes, workbooks, group therapy, and individual or couple’s therapy. We provide this in a safe and confidential setting to allow you to face your challenges openly. Our goal is to help people experience healing, not just abstinence. 

There is life after addiction. There is life after trauma. There is freedom from the painful cycle you have lived with for so long. Many have experienced healing through the LifeSTAR treatment program, and we are honored to offer this program to our Central Valley community. 

YouthSTAR, a program for teens with pornography or sexual concerns, is also available.
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Self Evaluation

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Partner's Survey

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Success Stories

Since joining LifeStar my life is very different. I have hope in a once hopeless place. I am finding ways to connect with myself, my wife, and my God that fundamentally change how I interact with my world.
Without LifeStar my marriage would be over and I would still be lost in my addiction. Instead my marriage is healing and I have found sobriety. I believe that with this program I will find true recovery.
— Male Addict in Recovery
Lifestar has opened my eyes to the need for making healthy, genuine connections with others. I’ve been taught how to truly be mindful and face my fear of recovery, in order for me to start the healing process. This program offers me an array of vital tools and resources to ensure and sustain a long-lasting recovery.
— Female Addict in Recovery
The first week I attended LifeSTAR I knew it would be a program that would change my life, with or without my partner. Just knowing I was not alone in how I felt and that other partners were going through the same things as me was amazing. The connection I made in those first weeks with another partner has tremendously made a difference in my recovery from the trauma I have felt because of my spouse’s addiction. I cannot imagine trying to do this without LifeSTAR’s program and support!
— Partner of Addict in Recovery