Real People

Real People… Just Like You

If you are like many people struggling with obesity, you probably set a New Year’s Resolution to start exercising. Indeed movement helps to heal the brain from food addiction as well as the innumerable health benefits it brings us. Studies show that regular (not necessarily every day) exercise lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, reduction of knee arthritis and hip fracture. It can decrease anxiety and depression. It helps with fatigue and general feelings of well being!

As a LifeStyle Transformation Therapist, working with people recovering from food addiction, I have noticed that many individuals feel very self-conscious about exercising, or even playing, in public. Their inner Judge is strong and they worry about what others are thinking of them. They let this Judge (and Jury) makes some pretty powerful decisions about what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to movement. It is as though they feel they must earn the right, by being thin, before they can exercise. 

The more I worked with Transformation Participants, the more I began to notice people out on walks, biking and swimming who are overweight. I’ve wanted to stop them and ask them about their motivation to be healthier and about how they override the inner Judge that would keep them inside and sedentary.

 Reed Haight, from our Denver LifeStyle Transformation office shared the following video with me. Real people, living life to the fullest, overriding the inner judge and jury to allow themselves the joy of Movement.

You don’t have to earn the right to enjoy your life. You already have it! You are worth it! Makeit FUN and playful. If you don’t like walking then dance! If you hate going to the gym, take a yoga or line-dancing class! Fly a kite! Chase bubbles with a child! Walk with friends instead of a lunch date! Purchase an Activity Tracker and track your steps! Pop in an old Richard Simmons DVD and dance to the oldies! Enjoy your life!