Transform Your Relationship with Food! - Mike Roubicek, Phd, LCSW and Stacey B Thacker, MA, LMFT
Do you ever feel embarrassed or guilty about your weight? Have you ever tried to stop or limit the amount or kinds of foods you eat and not been successful? Do you eat to escape from problems, boredom, anxiety or to cope?

The National Institute of Health states that 95% of diets and weight loss programs fail. Why? Often there is an underlying addiction to food or sugar. Left untreated, a diet or weight-loss program cannot work. Come join psychotherapists, Mike Roubicek, PhD and Stacey B. Thacker, LMFT for a fun, interactive and informative discussion about why weight loss efforts fail and what may need to happen to transform your relationship with food! 

Spiritual Warfare (pornography/sexual addiction)
Mike Roubicek, Phd, LCSW & Stacey B Thacker, MA, LMFT

This presentation for Church audiences, discusses the unique challenges of earth life that have the potential for taking us "out of the battle". With a special focus on pornography and other compulsive sexual behaviors, Mike and Stacey sensitively discuss the issue, warning signs of addiction, tips for safeguarding the home and family and where to find help and assistance when needed.

From Heartache to Hope- Stacey B Thacker, MA, LMFT
Death, divorce, infertility, children "who go astray", loss of work, relocation, illness and disability are some of the many life transitions facing individuals and families today. In this interactive presentation, Stacey discusses the emotional impact of life's transitions and assists participants in gaining the skills necessary to provide support, strengthen relationships and facilitate growth among each other. This presentation is adaptable for human services professionals, women’s conferences, and agencies that serve families with children with disabilities. Contact Stacey directly

From Heartache to Hope for Families with children who have disabling conditions and/or special health care needs – Stacey B. Thacker, MA, LMFT
Families who have children with special needs will find in this workshop a safe and inviting place to explore the emotional impact of their child's condition on themselves and their family. They will learn new ways of interacting with each other that foster support, love and maintain or restore functional family dynamics. Contact Stacey directly at

Heartache to Hope for Professionals (medical, social work, therapists, grief counselors)- Stacey B. Thacker, MA, LMFT
In this interactive presentation, participants journey with Stacey B Thacker, LMFT as she shares her insights into the emotional process experienced by individuals and families during times of transition and stress. Through instruction, sharing and laughter, Stacey assists professionals in gaining the skills necessary to facilitate growth and empowerment among the clients they serve, as well as in themselves. Contact Stacey directly at

Compassion Fatigue- Stacey B. Thacker, MA, LMFT
Burnout is high among professionals who work in the helping fields. In this interactive and engaging presentation, Stacey B Thacker, LMFT, discusses the impact of Compassion Fatigue on those who spend their careers in service to others. Participants gain a new perspective into ways of "being" with individuals and families that allows professionals to find renewed meaning and satisfaction in their work and "hang in there for the long haul." 

The Temptation & Trauma of Sexual Addiction - Forest Benedict, MA, IMF, SATP-C
Do you wonder if your sexual behavior is normal or addictive? Have you promised yourself and others you would stop using pornography yet been
unable to do so despite the negative consequences? Are you in a relationship with someone who exhibits sexually compulsive behavior and find connecting with them difficult, especially due to the hurt you’ve experienced? If you or someone you know is sexually addicted, this is a serious problem that requires serious interventions. Come join Forest Benedict, certified Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider, for an informative discussion on the roots and impact of sexual addiction, as well as the trauma inflicted on romantic partners. In this talk, you will learn why sexual addiction is more difficult to recover from than drug addiction and what can be done to experience long-term healing.

From Harm to Healing: Porn’s Effect on Adolescents and What Can Be Done-
Forest Benedict, MA, IMF, SATP-C

Pornography is undoubtedly the “drug” of choice for teenagers today. Easy to access and hide from others, pornography is silently harming the younger generation (neurologically, socially, and spiritually). As a parent or leader, you may be unaware of the scope of this threat and unsure how to protect adolescents from it. Come join Forest Benedict, certified Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider, for an informative discussion on the immediate and long-term effects of pornography addiction on adolescents and what can be done to protect and treat them.  Forest Benedict co-leads YouthSTAR of the Central Valley, a treatment program for teenagers seeking freedom from compulsive sexual behavior. His writings about addiction and recovery include the topics of “Safeguarding Children from Addiction” and “Protecting Children From the Path of Pornography”. He has also created a workshop for parents on talking to their teenage children about pornography. Forest is available to speak on this topic in churches, schools, camps, and other venues.