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Our therapists, practice, and programs have been featured in local news. Here you'll find those stories, as well as other relevant local and national news coverage.

Vote For Love, Not Porn

Forest Benedict
June 6, 2016

I vote with every transaction; supporting a porn-selling business means supporting the porn industry. Even if customers exit the Hustler Hollywood store with G-rated clothing, they unknowingly cast their vote for a successful porn industry. I can’t do that.

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Choosing the Best Weight Loss Method

ABC 30 Action News
November 20, 2014

Our food addiction treatment program, Lifestyle Transformation, was featured in a local news segment about weight loss, diets, and New Year's resolutions.

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What Is Food Addiction? - A Radio Interview

Blog Talk Radio
August 22, 2014

Radio talk show host Suzanne Marcus Fletcher, on Blog Talk Radio interviews Stacey B. Thacker, LMFT in this segment on Compulsive Eating, a Continued Epidemic.  Hear more about food addiction and its treatment in this 30-minute broadcast!

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