Take the Valentine Challenge

Ok, so we made it through the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday goodies, planned some resolutions for the New Year (no doubt including plans to work off those goodies), and now here comes Valentine’s Day!

It seems there is ALWAYS an occasion to eat unhealthily, compulsively, or just simply get derailed from our LifeStyle Transformation progress.

While I contemplated Valentine’s Day approaching and what I could blog during this time, I remembered an interesting event that occurred a few years ago between my husband and I.

My husband often becomes frustrated around certain holidays, because I tend to strengthen my own transformation commitments around holidays. (Honestly, it’s hard not to have those times fall around holidays, as there tends to be a holiday almost every month!) My husband’s frustration stems from not knowing what gift to buy when I’m eating healthy and not eating sweets. Well, one year when Valentine’s Day was approaching, and I had recommitted to healthy eating, his frustration peaked. Once again, he didn’t know what he could get me for Valentine’s Day.

He began pacing the floor, and in his aggravation, he exclaimed, “I have NO IDEA what to get you for Valentine’s Day! You aren’t eating sweets, we can’t really go out to dinner, and you don’t want me to get you flowers because ‘they just die.’”

Having said all that, with a shake of his head, and hands in the air, he declared, “We should just CANCEL Valentine’s Day!!!”

With a chuckle, I responded, “We’re not canceling Valentine’s Day,” as if we had the power to do so! “There are other things we could do.”

“Like what?” He sounded skeptical.

“We could go for a walk and hold hands. We could go see a movie, or stay home and watch one while sitting together. We could go somewhere quiet and talk (I can imagine the guys rolling their eyes on this one, but my husband enjoys doing that as much as I do). We could come up with something that doesn’t revolve around food. After all,Valentine’s Day is about connecting with your special someone; it’s not about See’s or the buffet.” [couple-watching-sunset]

Now, as I think most guys would, my husband responded dubiously, “Yea, like that’s all you’d want for Valentine’s Day. Some day down the road, we’ll get into an argument, and I’ll probably here all about ‘that one Valentine’s Day’ that I didn’t get you anything!”

My husband knows better than that; if I say that’s all I want, that’s honestly all I want. We discussed it and decided that a walk together holding hands, and possibly catching the sunset, sounded like a very lovely evening. My husband, however, was not content with not getting me anything. He surprised me with a box he ordered full of homemade lip gloss of several different flavors, and little wax perfumes of several different scents. That was about two years ago, and I am still enjoying them and the memories of our connection-focused Valentine’s Day.

The sentiment of Valentine’s Day is not about food; it’s about love, connection, togetherness. Take the challenge; make Valentine’s Day about healthy and loving connection. Sweets are NOT required!

(Feel free to print this and give it to your spouse if you need backup!)