Janisse 'Brooke' Rothford, MS, LPCC

Anxiety/Depression | Food/Substance Addiction | Grief & Loss



Brooke received her Master’s degree in Rehabilitation at California State University, Fresno and is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor.  

Brooke takes a positive attitude towards life to help others find the best in themselves, to be able to pursue their hopes and dreams, by discovering skills to help manage, anger, depression, anxiety, or grief and loss.

Working in the substance addiction field for the last 4 years has given her the opportunity to work with a culturally diverse population and to demonstrate her sensitivity to people from many socioeconomic backgrounds. One of Brooke’s passions is food addiction and she enjoys working with the Lifestyle Transformation Program with groups and individual counseling.

One of my greatest pleasures is seeing the smile on a client’s face when they have a moment of clarification, see progress, or accomplish a goal they did not think was possible.
— Brooke