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-Free Confidential Therapy-

The gambler and individuals affected by the gambler's addiction may receive free counseling in a confidential & supportive environment. Services help individuals learn how to cope with the negative impact of gambling with individualized treatment.

Am I a Gambling Addict?

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What is Problem Gambling?

“Problem gambling, also known as gambling addiction or gambling disorder, occurs when a person is unable to resist impulses to gamble and continues to gamble despite harmful consequences. Gambling disorder is classified an as addiction and its essential features include loss of control over gambling, preoccupation with gambling, increasing need to bet more money and an inability to stop or cut back gambling. In severe cases, gambling disorder can result in financial ruin, legal problems, loss of career or family, and even suicide.”

Find the support, help, and connection to make lasting changes in your life.

Our Program

CalGETS services are offered at no cost to problem gamblers and affected individuals. Treatment services are provided as a stepped-care approach from brief interventions, self-help workbooks, and one-on-one counseling. Clients have the ability to choose the services that best fits their needs. All treatment services are confidential, and provided by licensed mental health providers specially trained in the treatment of problem gambling behavior. 

Self-help programs, counseling and treatment services can help you to stop gambling and return to a healthier way of thinking and living.