Are you unhappy with your weight? 
Have you been unsuccessful in your efforts to lose weight or keep the weight off?
Have you undergone bariatric surgery, but fear you may fall back into old habits?
Do you use food to feel better, to escape from your problems, or to cope?

You are not alone! For many people it’s not about willpower– it’s about addiction. 95% of diets and weight-loss programs fail because they don’t treat addiction and its underlying causes; Lifestyle Transformation does.

Life-changing results have been experienced by others both locally and nationally throughout the Transformation network of therapists and we are excited to offer this excellent program to our Central Valley community. 

Roubicek & Thacker Counseling is proud to be a Lifestyle Transformation Affiliate.
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Am I a Food Addict?

Take our brief quiz to discover if Lifestyle Transformation can help you live a life free from food addiction.

The Solution

Lifestyle Transformation is an out-patient treatment program designed to assist individuals struggling with compulsive eating to develop a healthy relationship with food. Effective therapy addresses the underlying issues in creating a permanent lifestyle change. The Lifestyle Transformation program is divided into the following 3 phases, led by trained therapists with a group of participants in the same situation:

A series of 6 classes. Learn about the underlying issues associated with food addiction and develop a Plan of Action for the work ahead. Spouses/Partners may attend at no additional cost.

Weekly Group therapy begins. Focus is on the work of transformation (facing issues, dealing with barriers, breaking down old habits and building a healthier lifestyle). Meet monthly with a therapist, individually or as a couple, to face and overcome your struggles.

Continue group and individual work to solidify change and maintain the new habits and patterns you have established. Develop a Relapse Prevention Plan to sustain your Transformation as you leave the program.

Provides the option for continued Group Therapy for those individuals who would like to extend their Lifestyle Transformation program beyond the 18 months. After Care begins after completion of the 3-Step program at an additional cost.

Success Stories

Dieting doesn’t work. A permanent change in eating habits, activities, and attitude is necessary to overcome overeating caused by emotions, stress, anger, boredom, depression, or sheer habit. Recovery is a daily endeavor.
— Lifestyle Transformation Graduate
I now live a purposeful life instead of just reacting to life’s problems. I follow a healthy food plan. I am honest about what I eat, what I don’t eat, and why. I stay active. I relieve stress through mediation and purposeful activity. I express my needs to others and take steps to see that my needs are met. I regularly read uplifting materials and attend to my spiritual needs. I am grateful I found Lifestyle Transformation, committed to completing the program, and made changes that have greatly improved my life.
— Lifestyle Transformation Graduate
The food addiction program of Lifestyle Transformation helped me learn to stop binge eating and overeating. It was hard work but well worth the effort. I feel good about myself, I enjoy life, and I am fit and healthy. I continue to work on connecting with others in a meaningful way. Completing the program has helped me to live a healthier and happier life.”
— -Lifestyle Transformation Graduate