Counseling Services

Our talented team of counselors provide therapy services for individuals, couples, and families.
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At Roubicek & Thacker Counseling we believe that within each individual is the capacity for growth and transformation. Counseling can help you identify and remove the blocks that are keeping you 'stuck' in your life so that you can move forward and enjoy a better life.

Couples therapy provides a safe, non-judgmental place to explore the cycles of relational dysfunction that cause one or both of you to disconnect. Together you can attack these cycles, and re-establish your connection. Couples counseling will allow you both to experience more meaningful and satisfying interaction.

A family therapist can give you ideas, encouragement and tools to work through some of the challenges of family life. Whether you come in as an entire family, or you come in as parents to work through some of the issues you are facing, a therapist can help move you to the next steps.